Bookmarks, Nov 3

Some recent bookmarks.

I’m Thinking It Over

By Alan Jacobs

I’m not adding any specific comments for this one, but I found his discussion and reasons for his decision interesting.

… a great many people are going off half-cocked on this issue; and what those emails I got remind me is that going off half-cocked is now widely perceived as a virtue, and the disinclination to do so as a vice.


National Geographic Photo Contest 2015

If you want to see some simply stunning photographs, check this out. As an added bonus, you can download any photo to use a background for your desktop, tablet, or phone.


3 Important Ways Discipleship Is Different from Mentoring

By Dana Yeakley

Discipling entails a specific focus: coming alongside another and investing in them spiritually so they will become a strong follower of Christ.


9 Unintended Benefits of Small Group Life

By Ben Reed

I was fortunate to join a small group at sixteen with some amazing 20-40 year-olds. I believe it was a key element that lead me to Christ. Small groups have since been an important part of my growth and ministry – these nine points are a big part of why.

Healthy small groups teach us more than they often set out to teach. We are molded and changed in so many ways, because God uses others in mighty ways to make us more like Jesus.