Bookmarks, Sept 12

It’s been way… too… long.

The Next Big Thing In Responsive Design

By Dan Gardner and Mike Treff

This is brilliant. I can’t wait to find a project to apply this to.

To capture a user’s attention for the next generation of the web, you’ll need more than just responsive design. You’ll need a responsive philosophy.


Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace.

By Lindsey Kaufman

Every other week, all my local colleagues meet at a Double Tree conference room to work for a day. The time is usually very productive and I always enjoy the day out of the house to see the people I actually work with. However, I can’t help but feel like I’d relate to this if it was every day.

A year ago, my boss announced that our large New York ad agency would be moving to an open office. After nine years as a senior writer, I was forced to trade in my private office for a seat at a long, shared table. It felt like my boss had ripped off my clothes and left me standing in my skivvies.

Our new, modern Tribeca office was beautifully airy, and yet remarkably oppressive. Nothing was private. On the first day, I took my seat at the table assigned to our creative department, next to a nice woman who I suspect was an air horn in a former life. All day, there was constant shuffling, yelling, and laughing, along with loud music piped through a PA system. As an excessive water drinker, I feared my co-workers were tallying my frequent bathroom trips. At day’s end, I bid adieu to the 12 pairs of eyes I felt judging my 5:04 p.m. departure time. I beelined to the Beats store to purchase their best noise-cancelling headphones in an unmistakably visible neon blue.


What Disney World Taught Me About The Kingdom of Christ

By J.A. Medders

Mickey Mouse dominants Disney World. He is everywhere. He is nearly omnipresent. You can’t avoid The Mouse. His famous silhouette is on signs, napkins, plates, and trees. As much as people like to think Walt built Disney — Mickey did. Disney World is the house that Mickey built. It’s the House of Mouse.


Why We Neglect Our Bibles

By Tony Reinke

Many Christians find it difficult to get into a daily habit of Bible reading. So this week John Piper addressed four common causes of Bible neglect in the Christian life, like: “I don’t read my Bible because . . .


Can I Just Tell You: Problems Money Can’t Fix

By Michel Martin

Why is raising children considered an expensive hobby in this country, and not a thankless and difficult job in the service of the country? And, yes, it is a joy. But make no mistake: It is a job, one that is necessary to the successful functioning of any society, hence the desperation in places like Japan where the birthrate has fallen so low, there aren’t enough people to replace the ones who are dying. And yet, in this country, parenting is a job where training and support are haphazard, expensive and largely left to folklore and chance.