Bookmarks, Jan 15

This week my bookmarks focus around the church – primarily worship.

Why Hanging Out with Your Friends is NOT “Church”

by Aaron Earls

What is a church? Aaron explores some reasons hanging out with your friends doesn’t count.


When Your Heart Isn’t In It

by Joe Thorn

Sometimes we don’t went to do what we are created for. And in that moment we make a common mistake. We think since our heart isn’t in it we shouldn’t do it. I’ve felt this way before. I have heard it a lot as well. “I didn’t come to worship this Sunday because my heart wasn’t in it, and if I came and sang those songs I would feel like a hypocrite.” This is a deadly conclusion.


Why We Sing

by Courtney Reissig

A great reminder it is about what we sing and why we sing, not how we sing. I know sometimes the discussion of music in church ruffles feathers – but I hope this article will be as beneficial to you as it was to me.

While the mode and style of musical worship might influence why a person attends a particular church, the act of musical worship is a universal privilege for all believers, regardless of preferences or denomination.


Ordinary Christian Work

by Tim Challies

The questions every Christian faces at one time or another are these: Are Christian plumbers, cooks, doctors, and businessmen lesser Christians because they are not in “full-time” ministry? And what of Christian mothers and homemakers?


The Sunday Worship Killer

By Jason Helopoulos

This is my favorite article because it resonates with me the most. This is something I have struggled with so much in the past, but am so thankful to have felt convicted of in recent months. What a joy Sunday’s have become as I’ve been able to move from critic to worshiper.

How silly it would be for us to rise early on Sundays to play the role of the critic. But as we take our seat in the church pew, our focus and motivation cowers to the voice crying out within, “they are not doing this right,” “they are not doing this well,” “they are not doing this as I would do it.” And in the midst of it all, we move from worshipper to critic.


Thus concludes my bookmarks for the week. If you read something great this week, I’d love to hear about it.