Bookmarks, Dec 24

This week I’m sharing some older articles. It’s not for a lack of good stuff this week, but simply digging out some good things I’ve read in the last couple months.

Evangelicalism’s Life or Death Moment

By Preson Phillips

This should have been shared a few weeks ago in light of the media buzz. However, despite it not being the main thing discussed in the media, it remains an ever-reminder of how we should respond with the love and compassion of Christ.

Do we not understand the significance of God using the cross to bring salvation to a world that believed that it could only be done by the sword? Do we really think that our walls and our guns can save the world this time? If that is so, then evangelicals have traded their crosses back in for swords.


Leaving and Cleaving

From The Christian Pundit

As I read this the first time it was almost comical. My wife’s parents live three doors away and my parents own the home right next to ours and visit frequently. To an outsider, we would appear to fall on one of the unhealthy extremes of “how much time do you spend with your family?” That is why I feel the points in the article are so important.

Leaving home in order to join together and form a new, separate identity as husband and wife is woven into the creation ordinance. Genesis 2:24 tells us that “a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife…” The New Testament repeats this mandate (Matt. 19:5). Getting married necessitates getting out of your parents’ home (in all but very rare circumstances) and creating a new, independent household. At least, it does according to biblical standards.


What Missionaries Aren’t Telling You

by Amy Medina

As we know quite a few missionaries and have started to become more involved in missions, this was heartbreaking. After reading it, I could think of nothing but praying for our friends serving overseas. It is hard to imagine going through everything it takes to get to the field, then feeling as though you cannot even be honest with those who helped send you and have committed to support you (financially and in prayer).

If you are involved with with missions, have friends that are missionaries, or support any missionaries – I would encourage you to take the time to read this three part series.

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Then, once missionaries are approved, signed, sealed, commissioned, and their picture spread all over foyer walls and refrigerators across the country, they are thrust out into the world to show off their strategy and effectiveness. After all, they’ve got scores of donors behind them who want to see the return on their investment.

I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what it feels like.


23 Ways Young People Can Start Serving the Church THIS WEEK

By Chris Martin

Chris is one of my favorite young writers. I particularly enjoy his articles that point to effective ways to serve as a millennial (or younger) in the church. I love the list he gives here. What I love even more is that the young people in our church (kids I get to spend time with and serve in youth ministry) already do these every week!

It’s not like it’s difficult to start giving back to the church, though. We have numerous opportunities to serve the church proper and the people in it on a weekly basis. We have no excuse to be consumer Christians. We must be generous Christians, in more ways than one.



by David Goodin

Rev. Goodin shares some great thoughts on prayer. As he confesses, I too must confess, disciplined prayer is something I struggle with and equally fail at along with dedicated time in the Word. His article is very encouraging for those of us that need a little reminder on why we are to pray.

And there are the host of commands and instructions on how and for whom to pray: earnestly, always, without ceasing, with thanksgiving, boldly, with confidence, in the Spirit; for one another, for kings and those in authority, for everyone everywhere, with supplications and intercessions.


So, that concludes my bookmarks for this week. If you read something great this week, I’d love for you to share!