Custom Vinylmation artist Evilos (Christopher Avalos)

Vinylmations are no secret to Disney fans. But, did you know there are tons of phenomenal artists that create custom vinylmations? Custom vinylmation artists push the boundaries when it comes to creating unique and amazing vinyls. One such artist is the incredibly talented Evilos. I first started following him after my sister gave me a super cool Evilos custom ‘Luke Skywalker without a hand.’ Since that day, I’ve loved watching creation after creation.

Evilos was nice enough to give us a short interview about his involvement in the custom vinyl world.

Mouse and Memos: How did you get into creating custom vinylmations?

EvilosEvilos: It was early 2009 when I came across the first blank vinylmations at Disneyland (California). I have been painting custom before Vinylmation in 2008 so this was a very natural partnership for me. One can even call it fate, my love for Disneyland and my passion for creating art.

M&M: Can you tell us a little about your process for creating a custom piece? Where do you start? Inspiration? How long does it take? How many “practice” pieces do you end up going through? Etc?

Evilos: The process pretty much lays out like this, I have an idea and I create it. Little if any planning, I dive right in. Inspiration comes from everything, I can’t tell you how many ideas came from dreams or just out of no where an idea hits you. Every custom is different, some can take me minutes or days depending on many factors. As far as practice pieces I don’t do many. If anything I do “Test Pieces” where I might test out different paint jobs on a blank to see what it will look like.

M&M: Do you create single commissioned pieces?

Custom-003Evilos: From time to time I will accept a commission but its really not my thing. For one, lack of time because of my intense schedule with being a husband and father, then my nine to five job. But mostly I really don’t enjoy to be instructed what to create and how a piece should be created. Though I love a good challenge now and then. If I can feel passionate about a commission I will accept one, I feel I owe it to my potential client to give them my heart and soul in every piece or just become another countless artist who just paints for money. I’ve even created customs for free and many times for charity because I feel so inspired by an individuals passion or cause.

M&M: What are you currently working on?

Evilos: I’m working on a charity piece for the Stan Lee Comikaze Expo. Also, just finished a charity piece for the Family Equality Council. I enjoy giving back to the community when I can. I’m also busy with Vinylmation custom orders from ebay and Facebook. Working on a few fine art pieces on top of that. Always busy, its never stopped over the last five years.

M&M: What is your favorite vinylmation you’ve created?

Evilos: Honestly I can’t say I have a favorite, each custom is a piece of my heart. A snapshot of my soul, each one is a treasure to me.

M&M: Do you collect any vinyls from the official Disney sets? If so, do you have any favorite series?

Custom-004Evilos: I do collect from time to time, I love to chase after rare variants or cool chasers when I can. As far as a favorite series I’ve always enjoyed the Urban Series when designs were more thought out and not just rushed out. I also enjoy anything the Disney Store artists, I really respect their passion for the brand and its fans, not to mention their designs are way beyond amazing.

M&M: Do you collect other customs? If so, what are your favorite themes and artists?

Evilos: I have a few customs in my collection, the ones I do have are very special to me. They were either made by friends or family. I wish I had more funds to buy customs because there are a ton of amazing custom artists out there I would love to support. I have a few pieces by Disney Artist Gerald Mendez which are super amazing. There are few artists in the company who can wreck shop digitally, then turn around and do even more amazing work with their paint brush. Gerald can do it all.

M&M: Do you ever keep any of the customs you make?

Custom-002Evilos: Yes I have kept a few over the years. Mostly because they have special meaning to me or my family. But most are long gone into collections all over the world. I did a rough count a few months ago on how many customs I’ve made over the last five years and it was easily over 1000. I’ve had collectors tell me I’ve made more vinylmation customs then anyone on earth – that’s a crazy thought.

M&M: Do your kids collect or make customs?

Evilos: My kids love to blind box production figures, it could be any set also. They enjoy the chase more than anyone I know. Vinylmation really brings happiness to lots of people when it really comes down to it. Xander and Bella have made customs before and love to create just like their dad which makes me happy on many levels.

M&M: What are some places that people can learn more about vinylmation customs or order some of their own?

Custom-005Evilos: There is a great Facebook Group called VE Customs where anyone can go and get advice from many talented artists from all over the globe. People who want to get into customs can order or pick up blanks from D Street at Disneyland or Walt Disney World. If you don’t live near a park, ask a facebook friend to pick some up for you next time they are at the parks.

M&M: Where can people go to find out more about your work?

Evilos: is where you can find me! Thank you for the interview, I appreciate the support. Also to all the vinylmation fans, you are keeping customs going! Support your favorite custom artist today!!! Thank you.